Clients Are Saying...

"Having a Registered Nurse available to talk to really helped us through some difficult times.  Our nurse even

came to our house on a Friday evening to check on my husband when he was so sick. 

She made immediate arrangements for him to get to Urgent Care.  I sure appreciated her help that night."



  • Maintain a close group of friends and visit with them at least once a week
  • Be involved with group interests and activities
  • Set up a Round Robin where friends check on each other when sick or in need
  • Consider a pet for companionship
  • Check in daily with someone if living alone
  • Maintain good lighting
  • Consider an emergency alert device
  • Keep doors locked opening the door only to known callers
  • Be aware of surroundings when away from home
  • Eat right and stay hydrated
  • Exercise regularly with physician approval
  • Socialize with close friends
  • Stay active with interests and hobbies
  • Schedule health evaluations annually and as needed

Maintaining Safety and Security

Building Social Support

Gaining Health and Wellness

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